Designed for girls over 25 years old

Curly hair is the most representative of a feminine temperament, and it is also the best choice for a younger sister!

The black long curly hair is very prominent in the female slutty temperament, and the girl who likes the mature wind can get it!

If you are a 25-year-old sister, it's really a good idea to get a black long curly hair! This super long temperament black long curly hair can highlight your exquisite facial features!

Some sisters think that the black long straight hair is a bit monotonous. Try to cut the air bangs in the front and add a few points to your overall temperament!

The curl of black long curly hair can also be defined according to your own preferences. If it is a taller sister, you can make a micro-volume of the hairtail, which will highlight your fairy temperament!

At the same time, this hairstyle is also a must-have hairstyle for photography, not only makes you have the intellectual style of the sister, but also a little girl's cute temperament.

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