2020 latest bride hairstyle, would you like it?

Marriage is one of the most important things in every life. Of course, the hairstyle of the wedding will be the most classic moment in life!

If you are a bride who will hold an outdoor wedding such as on the beach, countryside, garden, lake or even desert, Natural Loose Hairstyle Looks for Brides Ideas is perfect for you. 

One: eye makeup. When I paint my eye makeup, I don’t know what kind of eye makeup you usually draw. Let me talk about this eye makeup today. When you paint your eye makeup, you should pay attention to the fact that large sequins cannot be used in large areas. Sometimes the reciprocity is extremely counter-productive. After the painting, the whole eye makeup will look dirty, so only a small part of the silkworm is used. When painting eye makeup, the first one is the use of earthy apricot and bright apricot for large-area smudges, which will reduce the feeling of a little red, making the eye makeup look softer. The next step is to determine the main color of the eye makeup. The middle part of the smudge is the main color of the lower eyelid. Make a background color before the smear, which is a little deeper than the color selected by the upper eye, plus the layering of the sequins. 

After that, it is the position of the end of the eye, which makes the eyes deeper. The next step is to use the big sequins to brighten the silkworms. Before using them, you can also polish the bottom of the eyes. The sequins can be glued. There is also the brightening of the eyes, down is the color in the upper eye to brighten the mixed eyes. It echoes the tone of the entire eye color, so it is beautiful to paint such a makeup at the wedding.

Two: The little princess has a sense of sensation, but it is not a hairstyle with a curling iron. This type of hairstyle is made by pulling it straight with a straight clip, which makes the curls look natural and not very rigid. This hair style is a low-tailed ponytail that is made up of a whole head. It is taken from a tail and is disguised as a hair. When you look at the front, it gives a feeling of hairiness. When you wear it with a small ornament, you can see it in the middle of the hair. It is a little princess.

Three: Some brides want to get married when the horse's tail is full, which is very important for the makeup artist. This hairstyle is both a texture or a ponytail. When I want to make the ponytails full, I will use a dozen rafters to get together. My friend is using three after he has braided the dice, and then the effect will be very full. After that, the hair on both sides of the hair is also braided into such a textured braid and then wrapped around a large amount of silk. When you look at it, it has both type and age.

Four: This hairstyle is a large long hair flower arrangement in the forest department. Xiaobian does not know that everyone likes the style, especially the girls with long hair. Long-haired girls do their styling at the wedding. They basically have no rules. They just have what they want, and they will look good. The shape of the forest department is very beautiful when it is finished with eternal life in several places, and if the hair color is grayish, it is very beautiful if you wear the eternal flower.

The prospective bride who is about to get married has to look over it. The wedding dress is equipped with this fairy eye makeup to ensure that many people will ask. There are also these hair styles, the favorite baby remembers the collection. Although this edition introduces you to these three hairstyles, there are many beautiful hairstyles for your reference in the later period.

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