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Twelve hair care tips

Many beautiful women often study too busy and do not care for their hair at all times, resulting in dry and rough hair. As far as I know, hair care involves combing hair, massage, hair, and various problems. The hair is easy to break and split the hair. Do you have any knowledge of this? Want to change your hair with a limited time? Use these tips and tips to care for your hair while you sleep.

1, the correct method of combing the correct method of combing, is to start from the beginning of the broken hair, brushing the scalp with the brush tip, gradually spinning and combing. Use even force, such as excessive force, will stab the scalp. First combing from the hairline of the forehead, in the opposite direction, and then combing back and forth along the hairline. Then, the upper part of the left and right ears are respectively arranged in opposite directions, and finally the hair is spread out to the four years of the head to be arranged.

2, massage effect massage can affect the skin, promote blood circulation, regulate fat excretion, avoid head fatigue, help hair development, adhere to the health of the scalp; on the prevention of excessive scalp and treatment of excessive scalp is also excellent Methods.

3, shampoo should be massaged by shampooing, first soak the hair with water, then use shampoo. Apply the shampoo to your hair for the first time and massage with your fingertips. Especially the epidermis of the head, which is easily stained by sebum and sweat, should be carefully washed. The second time, the half time of the first shampoo is washed, and after washing, the rinse is repeated with water until no shampoo is stopped on the hair.

4, rinsing can make washed hair more soft rinsing agent has two kinds: one can be directly rubbed on the hair, one is to be diluted with hot water before use. When using rinsing agents and shampoos, try to use the products produced by the same manufacturer, so that the scent type is common, which is good for maintaining hair.

5, medicinal hairdressing agent will make hair long-lasting healthy gloss medicinal hairdressing agent effect, is to make up the hair protein. Usually shampooing is generally applied in the order of shampoo, rinse, and medicinal hair lotion. When the hair is damaged, the medicinal hair lotion should be used before applying the rinse agent. To use: Apply a medicinal hair lotion to the head epidermis and the damaged hair tip. Massage the scalp carefully and then roll it up with a hot towel. This will be better and will be washed clean with water.

6, soft and delicate hair maintenance soft hair is not fine fiber, and inelastic, not easy to loose, hair is not simple and durable. In addition, if not often retouched, the hair will become dry, red, and vulnerable. In order to prevent the above phenomenon, it is necessary to frequently use hair oil to prevent external influences from damaging the hair. Usually, you can rub some lotion to prevent the hair from being dull, then if there is a static collision when you don't comb, you should control the temperature of the hair dryer when blowing.

For people with soft hair, when you finish your haircut, apply some perm lotion to your hair, which will give you elasticity and strength, which will make your hair style durable, and you can also add hair looseness. When perming, do not roll too tightly at the roots, and the front hair style should be loose.

7, thick, hard hair maintenance thick, hard hair is healthier than soft and slender hair, but lacks flexibility, it is difficult to retouch. Rough and hard hair should be sprayed with this medicinal lotion during blow molding. It is usually best to rub some oil to maintain a beautiful hairstyle.

8, prevention and treatment of scalp itching scalp itching is because not often bathing, do not pay attention to skin hygiene and other reasons, so first of all should pay attention to eradicate the scalp dirt, adhere to the skin clean, scalp itching can be gradually reduced or disappeared.

Fatty scalp: Excessive sebum discharge from the scalp. In order to make the hair clean and regular, it should be cleaned daily and maintained by means of combing and massage.

Dry scalp: Because the sebum excretion is reduced, the scalp is dry and the scalp is itchy. Therefore, insisting that the hair is clean is to prevent the scalp itching and to make up for the oil to prevent boring.

9, easy to break easily fork hair maintenance to maintain good hair, first of all to prevent external influences, should be coated with a thin film of oil on the outside of the hair, this can play a role in maintaining hair. Apply oil to the hair and it is necessary to wash it after shampooing. Do not rub your hair together during shampooing to prevent damage. It does not have to be trimmed often, and it can also prevent hair forks. When combing with a brush, do not immediately start from the root of the hair. You should first comb the scattered parts of the hair, then start from the roots, and use some medicinal lotion to maintain the hair when combing or blowing.

10, curly hair trimming and bending hair is simply intertwined, when combing, you should first comb from the tip of the hair to the root of the hair, when refining the hair, you should also apply the perm from the tip of the hair and then blow it. Retouching, you can make your curly hair full of vitality and vitality.

11, there are many ways to prevent hair loss, one of which must always adhere to the cleansing of the scalp and hair. The second is to apply some hair-producing perfume on the head skin to promote blood circulation, so as to prevent the hair from falling. The third is to do head massage, and often pay attention to finishing the hair, these are useful ways to prevent hair from falling.

12, hair dyeing needs to be tested first, there are two kinds of hair dyeing, one is to dye the black hair into their favorite color for beauty, one is to dye the blue silk that is prematurely painted in black to be beautiful, but do not recognize which One kind, you must be optimistic about the instructions before dyeing, and do as required. Do not use alcohol-containing solutions or preparations immediately after dyeing. Perm should also be applied three months after dyeing.

Want to make your hair thicker? Stick to 5 good habits and make your hair more abundant

Now everyone's pressure is generally beginning to increase, and hair loss has become more and more young. Many people are complaining that when they wash their hair, they will always see a lot of fallen hair, especially women with long hair, which is more distressing. Everyone has gradually paid attention to the care of hair, but in fact, in the life to develop such a good habit, thick hair is gradually coming back, then we will look at what is the secret.

First, do not wash your hair every day

Nowadays, many young people must wash their hair when they wash their faces in the morning. This seemingly clean behavior is actually very harmful to the hair. Because the hair does not produce a lot of oil or dust during the day. On the contrary, cleaning your hair every day will make the loss of nutrients in your hair faster. So if you have such a habit, you should pay attention to reducing the number of shampooing.

Second, the use of simple ingredients shampoo

The choice of shampoo is also very particular. Many shampoos contain a lot of potent cleansers, often used in this type to make hair very frizzy and lose the luster of the hair itself. Therefore, the choice of shampoo should be simple. For example, some ginger shampoos. Because some ingredients in ginger can speed up the circulation of blood in the scalp, the hair follicles are also more active. Insist on using it not only reduces hair loss but also acts as a dandruff.

Third, choose to dry or naturally dry

I believe many people will get used to picking up the hair dryer and drying it quickly after washing the hair. But this will not only blow the moisture of the dry cleaning head, but also blow away the moisture of the hair itself. Long-term use will make the hair more hairy, and also increase the trouble of short hair. On the other hand, the radiation of the hair dryer is also relatively large, especially for pregnant women, try not to use. It can be replaced with a dry hair cap to ensure that the hair is dry quickly without causing damage.

Fourth, reduce the number of hair dyes

Nowadays, many young people like to dye some very trendy colors, and they will dye them once in a while. This is very harmful to the hair. Therefore, try to reduce the hair dye, even if you want to dye the natural ingredients of the hair dye, the damage will be reduced. At the same time, you should pay attention to the care of the hair after dyeing. I often make hair masks for myself, and inject the nutrition in the hair mask into the hair, which will more effectively repair the damage caused by our perm.

Fifth, the correct combing hair

In fact, combing hair is also very particular, especially for some hair that is more seriously damaged. We have to choose some wide-toothed combs, which can play a certain massage. Remember not to comb your hair when your hair is not dry, it will easily break. These few tips are very simple to do, let's practice together.

Hair care "four elements", you have learned that you can also have a long black straight hair

There is a kind of soft and beautiful hair that many girls dream of, but now young girls like to dye perm, always want to change the shape every few months, which also causes many people's hair to be compared Dry. Bifurcation, hair loss, a hairy hair will make the whole person's temperament and face value decline, if you have a black and long soft hair, of course, will make others think that you are a more serious person.

Can do this, in the ordinary hair care process, we must pay attention to a lot of small details, today here we and everyone talk about the four elements of hair care, are some small details in life, as long as Notice that you can also have a long, straight hair.

Element 1: Change shampoo frequently

Shampoo is an indispensable product in our daily life. Some girls with long hair use a bottle of shampoo for almost a month or two, but some girls think that they have used a good shampoo. I don't want to change it anymore. I am afraid that I have changed the shampoo of different brands. The effect is not so good, but in fact, our personally feels that it is better to change a shampoo every six months or so.

Because the nutritional content of each shampoo includes different protections for hair quality, for example, some shampoos are mainly anti-dandruff, then it will help the hair to be more compliant, and the function will be worse. Some shampoos are mainly supple, but its anti-dandruff function is not enough. After all, not a shampoo can satisfy all the requirements of your hair, so you can change the shampoo regularly and let the hair receive it. More nutrition.

Element 2: Conditioner stays on the hair for about 3 minutes

Many girls use conditioners when they wash their hair, but there are some people who always wash their heads in a hurry and feel finished. Basically, they are left on their hair after washing their hair with shampoo. When a lot of water is used, it is directly applied to the conditioner. After a little watering, it is washed away with water. In fact, this kind of washing does not allow the conditioner to fully play its role.

Hair conditioner can make our hair more supple and replenish hair, so before we apply conditioner, it is best to drain the water as much as possible, and then apply proper amount of care on the hair. Hair, when the hair conditioner stays on the hair for about 3 minutes, rinse it with water, so that the hair can absorb more nutrients from the conditioner to reduce the hairiness and dryness.

Element 3: Do not use a towel after washing.

Many people use a dry towel to wipe their heads after washing their heads, and more people will use dry towels to rub their hair, because the hair will dry faster, especially if some girls with long hair feel that if they don’t If you have hair, you may not be able to do it for a few minutes, but in fact, the damage to the hair is relatively large.

Because our hair is one by one, if you use a dry towel to rub it, it will easily cause the hair to break. In fact, if we carefully beat the hair with a dry towel, it will be faster. And it will not cause damage to the hair, and then blow it up to seven or eight minutes with a hair dryer, and it will not be very time consuming.

Element 4: Hair dryer blows hair to seven or eight minutes

The hair dryer has now entered the life of ordinary people. Now many girls have their own hair dryers. Some young office workers are more used to washing their hair at night, because the morning is always late and always rushed. busy. In fact, from a medical point of view, shampooing at night will have certain damage to the body, but the specific situation should be analyzed.

If you wash your hair at night, you can try to dry your hair thoroughly before going to sleep. This will not cause much damage, but it is better to blow it to seven or eight minutes after drying, and then dry it naturally. Otherwise, if the hair is blown dry, the hair will be more and more dry. When the hair is blown, it is better to modulate the normal temperature of the wind or the cold wind, which can also reduce the damage of the hair to a certain extent.

Why is hair care still not smooth every day?

In general, the hair is the second face of a girl, and many girls will spend their time designing hair styling to create the most fashionable hairstyle. However, in addition to hair style, hair is also a major focus, no bright and supple hair, hair is just a bunch of hair, not hair. Why is hair still not soft even when using conditioner every day? Because the density and weight of the conditioner you use is wrong! So what hair conditioner should I use? Tell you now!

Case 1: Young hair

You should also use conditioner every day with fine hair, which can reduce hair knotting and knotting. It is best to comb the hair after use. In addition, you can also try some conditioners with ample effect, about 2 to 3 times a week, to ensure that your hair is smooth and not too flat.

Case 2: Abundance hair

Thicker and thicker hair actually needs a lot of water to maintain the moisturizing degree of the hair, so the conditioner needs to be used every day, and always you don't plan to wash your hair. You should also use conditioner to maintain the moistness of the hair. Or choose a conditioner with a deep moisturizing formula to ensure silky suppleness.

Situation 3: bleaching and dyeing perm

There are hair dyes that have been dyed or hair-exposed, and the general surface layer will be damaged. Therefore, in addition to the basic conditioner used every day, it is recommended to use 1 or 2 times of deep conditioner every week to make the hair from the inside out. Repair damaged parts to avoid breaks caused by drought.

Situation 4: Drought hair

Hairline drought has the opportunity to be caused by daily hair clips or electric hair sticks, and the focus of this hair care is moisturizing. In addition to the conditioner used in the shampooing process, it is also recommended to use the hair oil to lock the moisture after shampooing; before using the styling tool, you can also use the hair care products with heat insulation to reduce the damage of heat to the hair. . Finally, a deep-care mask for 1 to 2 times a month is also a must.

Do you know the main points of these hair care?

Shampoo - choose as needed

The choice of shampoo is the first step in the care, what is the effect of shampoo determines what your hair will become.

Everyone must remember that the scalp is also part of the skin! Moisturizing is also the foundation!

Why do some people have a lot of dandruff and the whole piece is lost? Because the scalp is dry, it will fall off with a slight twist, so you can choose a shampoo with a lot of moisturizing dandruff!

Conditioner - all are soft hair protection

Many people like to apply conditioner directly to the scalp, which is not right.

Pour the conditioner into the palm of your hand and apply it to your hair. The hair on the scalp can be wiped with the balance on your hand.

The most basic function of conditioner is to help restore the toughness and elasticity of the hair, and lock the moisture of the hair, making your hair more supple and not easily lost.

Hair mask - hot dyed damaged, dry hair essential

Hair masks are cumbersome to use. This is true, but if you are doing styling often, or if your hair is very dry or often burnt, it is very much needed.

The effect of the hair mask is to repair the damaged scales in a short period of time, so that the hair can reproduce the luster and absorb the nutrition.

Therefore, once a hair mask is made, the hair can be kept soft and delicate for a while, and the anchors who make the modeling every day must be prepared.

Hair care essential oil - just apply at the end of the hair

Many people buy hair care oil because they want to use it all over the head, but in fact it will make the head more oily.

Dry hair is not afraid of greasy, but hair that originally likes oil is not suitable for hair care oil, so you only need to wipe it at the end of the hair.

After blowing a half dry, apply the hair care oil to the hair ends, and then continue to blow dry, the hair will be brighter, smoother and shiny.

Hair dryer - control the right temperature and distance

Everyone knows that the high hot air of the hair dryer hurts the hair, so many electrical brands have launched a hair dryer that does not hurt the hair. If you don't control it, it is better to buy a hair dryer.

JJ also changed my own negative ion hair dryer. After changing it, I really felt that the hair dryer was still effective.

The new hair dryer is not very hot, the hair is dry and it won't dry, I am very satisfied.

If you don't plan to change the hair dryer, I will teach you: When blowing, don't drive the hot air to the maximum, and the wind is a certain distance from the hair.

Comb - massage comb for every hair style

Combs can promote blood circulation, so that the cells on the scalp get enough nutrients, and the hair grows faster while the hair feels better.

Many massage combs on the market today, whether it is a large tooth comb or a small tooth comb can play this role.

Even if it is hair loss, it is recommended to comb more hair, hair can grow faster, keep up with the rhythm of hair loss; otherwise it will not fall long ~

How to care for your hair? Is there any trick?

Hair, like clothing, has a huge impact on one's image. Especially the hairstyle, called the second face, the hair is dry and damaged, it will make your image greatly reduced. Hair style is not scrapped, it can be seen how important the hair style is to a person. It can be seen that hair is also very important for hair style and face value.

After the hair is damaged, it is impossible to recover. It can only moisturize and protect the hair with the help of external care and care products, so that the hair can maintain an artificial health condition. Once this protection is protected, it will be moisturized at the lowest level. Nothing, your hair is basically scrapped.

Many people always say that caring for hair has no effect. This is because you only say once or twice that it has no effect, or occasionally do a hair mask treatment, it is definitely not effective. The first choice is that you must be aware that hair care products are long-lasting and can only be effective if you insist on doing it.

When the hair is damaged, it will leave a lot of holes, and the nutrient loss will be very fast. The applied ingredients in the hair mask enter these hollows to moisturize the hair. However, when shampooing, nutrition will be lost. If you don't replenish nutrients in time, your hair will return to the dry state before the treatment, which is what you said is not effective.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your hair. I hope to help you:

1. Use a single-washing and shampoo-free product without silicone oil;

2, hair dry and bun, not easy to comb or tangled knotting, before shampoo, you can use hair conditioner to moisturize your hair, use shampoo, and finally use conditioner once. As long as you insist on doing this, your hair will be smooth and shiny after one month. However, the improvement of hair still requires professional hair mask care, and these hair conditioners can only play a smoothing effect.

3, at least once a week to do hair mask care, it is recommended to use heating to make hair mask, so the effect of hair absorption will double. Prepare a shower cap and an electric cap at home. After applying the mask, fix it on the top of the head with a clip, put on the shower cap and heat it with an electric cap for 20 minutes. After cooling, rinse it off with warm water.

4, often hot dyed hair, each time you make a hair mask, it is best to add a little pure plant olive oil, the effect will be better;

5, severely damaged hair, when making hair mask, add 1/4 white vinegar, can make hair fast and soft, and the penetration will be stronger, moisturizing effect is also quite good.

The above methods of hair care are taught to everyone, and they are all effective ways to do it at home. Doing care can not solve the problem once and twice, and must insist on doing it. Once it is terminated, it will be abandoned.

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Romantic purple dress is refreshing and white, letting you exude charming charm in summer

The purple dress is really a gentle dress, which will make your temperament soft and intimate. The purple T-shirt dress reveals a full girly feeling in the casual, romantic chiffon skirt is elegant and temperament, let you You can be a sweet elf, and there are always two different styles for you.
Silk dress, simple and stylish upper body, without any sense of restraint, let you exude an elegant atmosphere in the gestures, taste the woman's choice, this is very suitable for mature women.
Quiet and gentle light purple, beautiful as a young girl, set off the white skin and bright red lips, plus the bow belt design on both sides, it is even more eye-catching girl shape, very age-reducing. Light retro minimalist style, rustic cotton and linen, dignified and elegant.
The romantic tie-dyed purple, the ramie texture is refreshing and not smashed, and the skin is like the gentle spring breeze. The loose silhouette, the upper body is naturally smooth, and the waist is curved and pleated, naturally casual.
The simple and round neckline, the lotus leaf lace on the cuffs, a little more elegant charm, the natural drape of the folds, has a good effect of covering the skin, and the waist is made of pleated waist, with the treatment The elegant skirt is full of beautiful romantic atmosphere.
This dreamy purple dress makes you feel the aroma of flowers, the body of linen, comfortable and breathable, and the beautiful appearance of the skirt. The classical square collar wakes up after the color of the needles. Like, love it.
The purple dress gives the first impression of elegance and looks particularly temperament. This purple dress can be paired with a pointed thick-slip slippers. The pointed design adds a stylish temperament, the thick heel can be increased, and the temperament is enhanced.
This light purple and deep purple contrast color interprets the gentleness and femininity of women and the romantic elegance in the bones. The chic lines just reveal the skin around the collarbone and accentuate the bone. Refreshing and breathable sky silk, high waist tie + and long skirt, elegant goddess.
The dress has a small lapels design, with a slightly handsome feel, a small V-neck design at the neckline, casual and not too sexy, the back collar is elastic pleated collar, can be a good fit The back skin and upper body are also more beautiful.
The color of the violet is really curable, the irregular design is more fashionable, the fresh summer, the simple wearing can also wear the elegant elegance of the women, the grass preparation bag has a retro feeling, this set is fresh with Simple.
Elegant and graceful as a goddess, but also a fairy-tale fluttering skirt with a dreamy sweet and childlike girl. Lovely fresh purple, sweet dreamy childlike whimsy pattern, avant-garde and retro art. Bow tie, ol full of wind! Striped + pleated skirt, slim and elegant.